Why Does Albert Camus Absurd?

Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

In his book “The Rebel” which is translated by Max Arifin, published by Bentang, 2000. In there I read his opinion: “Man is the only creature who refuses to be himself.”

To me, he is a kind of long traveler that was not easy to be cheated by the previous. If I was allowed to specify ideology, he is a man in line of first-class writers. For him, philosophers, historians are also the total perpetrators support respiration of literature, which doesn’t beautifying only in creation.

He re-constructed the ideology of Hegel, saved Karl Marx’s blind love to the oppressed community. He restrained the movement of red cloud of surrealist, so that after the course of the revolution, didn’t more complicated by establishing new forms of dictatorship that are more anarchic. He realized onto nihilism is capable as well, precisely has the desire of destroyer rather have had same atrocities.

Camus with his spirit of “rushing,” wants to put his legs in the field of history he believed to be the natural purity, which is absurd. Just because the heart doesn’t ever stable, it often finds cross-chaos. Under certain conditions in different chambers by the pressure of air temperature, that is often fooled with changes intrigue to the human.

Sometimes I saw him like the prophet Isa who brought again to live the dead body, in second life they were asked to have conversation for long enough. There were silent excavations at there, poetic event played by cluster of pretty ideas, which were offering observant consideration rather than possessed man.

Captivating consciousness creates itself on the verge of tragedy, kept worrying to run space and time for the commensurate of even and uneven. He wouldn’t say right or wrong and also would not decide the penalty, before has a personal reason. In the blue sky, he invites to reflect on the fate of human being who was beaten by the epoch with sticks of the absurdity, treads on heavy steps toward confession, that the life is dilemma.

Shamelessly, I have ever walked along through the river of his reason, which increases my confidence in completing the passion of my first essay book: “Trilogi Kesadaran ” (Kajian Budaya Semi, Anatomi Kesadaran & Ras Pemberontak), although still seemed hasty.

In the introduction of the book, Herbert Read says his confidence: “The Rebel” is a book that just appeared in France. And with a nasty ass of life, “Trilogi Kesadaran,” was born only on earth of Nusantara.

By reading a lot, Camus was as if has no bigotry. He knows the limit of achievement, did not want to loose to feel forms of era he understood. He determined the limits of mankind, which is considered by the others as wishy-washy. But do not we always tested by ourselves in all the time?

If you do not want to be stopped in stupidity or even in intelligence that is laughable to the sight? It was stranger on the street side, and we were at a certain distance that could be amazed also laughed at. The quiet one was difficult enough to be approached with various pretenses.

So the time’s difference of the change of role and characters can be used in the study of his works and his essays that have no personal surprise. Because at a certain degree, the shock creates the burden of fate and it has the extreme power of disturbance.

The word “rushing ” above is a form of pure spontaneity that departed from the healthy mind, always be provoked by investigation, suspected on the values, whether historical or religious sources. How fragile is the human nature, feeling unable to carry the whole, there was (absurd). Similar to the early acceptance of the reading or the first flicker symbolizes affection.

He is not a reasoned argument builder to save himself before act; his pure mind delivers admirable choice. Pattern that can be interpreted is as spiritual consciousness. There is no similarity with those slickers by various manipulations; entraps with traps of values, although received by the public, moreover the fanatics.

I ever imagined, if Camus lived in the era of Nietzsche, there won’t be any major disaster that was caused by the Second World War who spearheaded by Hitler, at least reduced the altercation. But I realized, his conscience came long after he corrected the civil commotion of French revolution, and was not standpoint onto Voltaire, the mirror of pessimistic was broken at first, before he announced his views.

Or that’s the way of the damage in the world, balanced by other rhythms and this harmonizes harmony. Although at the intersection often appears interests which are unreasonable, wishes for more and also the destiny of the one called human beings.

With the whole spirit of rebellion, he selected the various re-acquisition of the previous era, in order to put forward again. He did not offer the answers, but a big question mark to make them shiver enough to pass away quickly into the most fundamental purity. He didn’t proclaim the noble mankind as so many civilization dreams about, but merges himself to play music that is sounded by odd nature touched by distinction, be able to split on the dynamics of the perfection.

He realized that his absurdity derives from fractional of Nietzsche nihilism’ that was developed independently, perfected its forms for believed ideology. Otherwise he had no lethal blows for the German’s jaw, who calls atheists more moral than religious, with no control. And wilder ideology is he cornered the religion as a deadly opiate, splashed in chasm of the moral decadence of longing at the edge of transition period.

I believe, he has passed scrutiny with any heavy risk, if dealing directly with nihilism, before thoroughly perfected as bright as the stars with more flashlight from his predecessor. Once he acted, he faced with a thick mustache sibyl that supports the Arian race.

At this point, Camus played about his future like a sleight of hand. I saw somewhat shifted from the absurdity he carries, or that’s the way it was when he faced shaman philosopher. But, obviously, that’s the way should be to let sterile surgical tools, so the disease handled didn’t spread all over that can interfere the investigation, and also diagnosis can be accounted for even more independent.

Or this is his strategy, forced Nietzsche to kill himself with his own knife, as said in the early part of the Absolute Affirmation:

“Since the humans put God under the moral judgments, he undermined Him from his own heart. And what is the basis of morality? God is rejected on the name of justice, but can the idea of justice is understood without the idea of God? Up here, don’t we in the area of absurdity? The absurdity is a concept invented by Nietzsche himself. ”

In any type; absurdity, existentialism, nihilism, still has space of decomposition, the passive space to destruct thrilling events of creation. Finishes pleasure of the carnal of body and soul; inhibits the roared spirit of rebellion in the self.

All have risk to be trapped in holes of stagnation, making stupid is done by sane people, but want more by reckless life. The attackers were not far away, usually the immature person that is resisted.

If each stream echoes with own simplicity, it could be possible it will be in a directed circle. Has own rotation that guards gravity is survived by self-care. Just stuck and motionless, to be satisfied on the stupidity, to be excited on the intelligence, to be forgotten on the death, to be ignored to prepare the self aims to breathing room of the freshness of nirvana.

I remembered the pathogenesis of Yasunari Kawabata suicide who smelled his understanding of incapacity, after he got the Noble Prize. He was unable to develop its splinter to incarnate the fresher stars, such as the fate of supernova.

The history of last works of an ideology should form the new star formation, because of its birth is undoubtedly. If you do not want a cesarean, just let it be close to maturity for the sake of completing its breaths in the nature of life. If stopped, there will be a rebel who had a similar desire, dismantle the imperfect chairs that is swinging satisfied. Carrying hammers, saws and equal fires of eternity, certainly it will burn the idols of triumph.

Then, it will be safe to the person who can stabilize the fog of psychology, renewed the intention and thwarted coquettish smile on the highest consciousness. Which is blessed with the ability to reveal the events hardly, in order to be ordered. Or disappearance of ideology, replaced by a more nurturing the era it had.

Lamongan, Java, September 25, 2010.


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