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By Danarto
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

At a chalk hill which is all around growth by date tree in Town of Jericho, Palestine, three child seem suddenly discontinued their game which at beginning those children were chasing each other. Those three children, each were about twelve years old, were staring at to space. There was something in the sky too interesting in order to be paid attention. A remarkable object was level of, precisely giant stone block, gold color wrapped by orange, was wafting slowly from east direction to the west. A lump of light was more bright than sunshine.

Stone giant block was sparkling as surface of lake that transmitting its light condensed was– sometime the light melted diametrically stuck to the earth — interesting those three children to follow it. Those three children, whatever their name, let us just mention: Aaron, Alan, and Ahmed, at the same time they were continuously pointing their head upward, staring at the block which was likely can be reached by hand. Often, they were — because of pointing upward continually– fallen down because of stumbling. Third of them were awakening, then made a move without saying anything to follow the object that wafting slowly, did not know where was it coming from and didn’t know where would it go.

Chalk hill mix with sand. Desolate hill was sometime swept by high wind. Hill calcify hill of coarse grass, date plant, grass and silence heat. Hill without drinking water driblet, without a piece of food, without a symmetrical of roof, sometime growth by banana garden (does it true banana garden?). Military of Palestine that guarded in tent with patch up weapons continuously learned to govern. One moment at the time surely come, where Palestine armies very busy with one governance, Republic of Palestine.

Everyone motivated to be grateful (barren land; ground, hot weather, silent area, uncomforted world), even military of Israel that faced by frontal without intending can give dangerous way out even when breakfast, when meeting at noon, when rest at 15.00, when night sleep (do there is world contest to such Palestine world?)

Encounter which erupted by sporadic between military of Israel fought against Palestinian guerrilla that happened in Band of Gaza, Edge West, and also on Hebron even on Jericho have earned to be anticipated by its result: peace between both power were progressively went away. Exactly, when both were very motivated to negotiate to greet peace, at the same time erupted encounter.

Israel government with Fatah and also Hamas in one side, and then Israel government with all Palestinian guerrilla which consisted of various group on the other hand, beside Hamas with Fatah at parted desk, resulted page which was chaotic because was spilled by ink so that agreement items were vanished by that splashing black dilution, sign of love to motherland which is one.

However, in secrecy the spirit to develop endless peace also came from citizen most of both. Because have saturated to unflagging conflict that goes on tens of year and realized that Israel and Palestine in fact is brother and impossible could not deflect to be reconciled, they even also strived to dribble whomever to consultation desk.

Just always happened eruption of sequenced bomb and gunfire that burst causing all peace plans was into pieces. When all strength kept eyes skinned in protection hole (bunker) with most skilled weapons, sudden emerge those three children passed quickly before red war.

“What just we ended those three children?” whispered a soldier of Israel to his friend in the protection hole.

“What mission is carried out by those three children?” whispered a Palestinian guerrilla to his friend from behind mound of rock land of his hideaway.

“Glance up!” he exclaimed, “Is that recently plane combat of Israel?”
“Is that experiment bomber of Hizbullah?” exclaimed soldier of Israel at the same time pointed upward.

All were expressionless staring at giant block that was cemlorong. All soldier of Israel, all Palestinian guerrilla, group of Fatah, group of Hamas, guerrilla of Hizbullah, and all resistance guerrilla group to government of Israel. What kind of object is that? Where is it come from? Where will it go? Who make it?

Suddenly, five recent jet plane of Israel interspersed at the same time vomited bullet rockets to stone block which was so glaring, but all that gunfire were only hitting vacuous air. How can diffraction light been shot?

Exactly, if the bullet rockets pursued the planes combat, a boomerang. Crucially, those five jets propulsion broke its own ten-bullet rocket were accompanied by gripe of its entire pilot.

In each hideaway, all soldier of Israel and all Palestinian guerrillas had cheer to witness that event.

“Stupid jet propulsions!” exclaimed soldiers of Israel gave the raspberry to their own friends.

“Illiterate pilots of Tel Aviv,” exclaimed all Palestinian guerrillas were laughing loudly.

Moreover, those three children were shocking when heard serial explosion in space. Third of them continued to pass by quickly without care about what was besieging them. Then, gunfires were whizzing and they were groveling. They were looking each other fully asking.

“We are shot,” word of Aaron.
“Who is shooting?” Alan asked.
“Ghosts,” word of Ahmed.

Then, third of them run to continue to follow the giant block so that not left behind at the same time were bowing to avoid possibility of dashing against serial bullets.

“Those three children are really disobedient!” exclaimed a soldier of Israel at the same time discharged gunfires trough binoculars gun.

But, not even one from those three children was crumpling, whereas, there is no one even of target can get away from binoculars gun. Soldier of Israel was vexing. He discharged gunfire again and those three children were remaining to run. The soldiers of Israel were greatly amazed.

“Inscrutable children!” exclaimed the soldier of Israel.
“Don’t bother those three children,” word a Palestinian guerrilla to his friend in their cache cave.

“Why?” Asked the other.
“In essence, don’t bother.”
“I wish to hear its reason.”

President of Israel, president of Palestine, president of Egypt, president of Syria, president of Lebanon, president of Jordanian, questioned each other about the space object. Jet planes combat of America from ship of destroyer; Dwight Eisenhower that was mooring on Red Sea, doing maneuvers as near as possible to the giant block that was glaring so bright. Pentagon sent the question to Mossad.

Mean while, the unrecognized space object was keep wafting to the west direction. Those three children were often receiving molten lights from the object.

From palm of those three children, thousands light was luminescent which later was breezing of turn tail into the air, wafting fluctuate to be blown by wind that was bringing it went away. Mixed with cloud, decamping to lose and appearing partially again, whitewashing the cloud walls with variegation like the habit of those three children scrawled woke up on constrictor wall built by government of Israel to dissociate land of Israel with Palestinian area.

All incoming air transport and departure in Airport of Ben Gueron, Israel, closed. Airport would be reopened after the space object that unrecognizing was known. The space object finally defected above Mediterranean Sea and twelve-jet planes combat of America and Israel were losing it. Special Forces of America and Israel that were pursuing to those three children could not find them. Didn’t know where those three children wandering which were their arrival has been waiting by each family.

Cemlorong: shine so bright or glare.


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