The Echoes of Nurel’s Words amid the Strains of Era

By KRT. Suryanto Sastroatmodjo
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

“Love really determines the continuing process of the cause or the process of the subject’s life. Because when in point of coordinates, we clearly find ourselves real character or with equal points, self-introspection could feel the vibration of seriousness from the great causes of the Divine Light: are we shaking or getting absorbed by the coolness of the Light. Before we get to a final named result (die, weights of reward)“ quoted from the book “Kajian Budaya Semi (Semi Cultural Studies)” (the first book of Trilogi Kesadaran (Trilogy of Consciousness)”), at the part of the study of cause of the subject, Nurel Javissyarqi. There, a young writer is a diamond of thought and pearl-initiator of the justice of spirit from Lamongan, to talk about meaning of the life.

Probably it’s worth the fine-gentle nod of the observer from any field in Indonesia today, when we went ups and down to the glorious of “Rising of Culture“, after so many years became a victim of the distinction-injury, altercation and any temptation brought our nation stumbled the stone, sharp gravel injured hands and feet in matters leading to the politeness of situation, the glory of morality, many parties (thinkers, initiators, contributor and stable balancer of the community) can be studied through the wards of library that is peace-arcadic

Corollary of this gentle goal, we present Nurel in literature treasure that has a beautiful glow ignition, the barrel of his time. When he greeted the young generation in the wilderness of the Nusantara, just because of they were reflecting the glow-word too. Perhaps a kind of solemn self-reflection, written appropriately by Nurel Javissyarqi: “PEWAYANGAN” (puppet): What myths surrounding this body / up to dancing on the world of quiet. / What myth does cover this heart / so it is quiet in the crowded / and bandage this burns? / Everything aims to similar dry / leaves the traces hard to be peeled; / thus walk behind the screen. 1999, from his book; “Sayap-Sayap Sembrani” (Wings of Sembrani).

Nurel admonished the leaders of this nation that is often hostile, in order to control each other, mutually submissive, stoic and tough to pray to obtain the beauty brightness. He called for if this nation wants victorious, we leave the myths of worldly that undermines the nation’s soul-body and replace it with tafakkur, meditation brings us to peace of tomorrow, for whatever causes burns (due to endless greedy lust) destructs the body, damaging the heart; undoubtedly it will be relieved.

“The step gives a positive space, as people are walking or on the activities gives positive space, where the meaning of motion is the energy carried out” (quoted from “Kajian Budaya Semi (Studies of the Culture of Semi)”, at “Reconstruct – x – = + in Corruption”), encouraged him to invite the people of his nation to create the peace of thought , heart, mind for “positive thinking” becomes purpose of the tremble of life, hopefully the energy to be more taken care in perfection and comfort as well.

In some spread pulse, Nurel said; Zaman Trawaca padang Njinglang; the enlightenment era of the universe would have penetrated into the halls of the human heart and arrived at the conviction; that the glory of man be born of this independent attitude. In this case, the pattern of human thought in the era of anxiety must be started from our own personality. Why not? Because in the tough behavior, liberty, crystallized in the existing era, harmoniously to the existed spirit of the time (Zeit-Geest), we feel exist and from there trust to the time of all events in this society could follow the strictest mindset.

Perhaps, Nurel has boon of clearly legible manner through his books, such as “Takdir Terlalu Dini (Too Early Destiny)” (his first book talks about the glory of the spirit of this sustainable earth), where Nurel expects Tri-dimensional approach that is qualified in this lan of Nusantara we loved:

(1) The concept of “well-informed and well educated among nations” [let us uphold very clearly information about the religion, culture, manners, morals (especially the Islamic way) for a set of lively values].

(2) The concept of “inspiring and inspired” [has been through and has inspired by all the people in the universe with the ideology of Islam that we respect and we love, especially the Qur’an for human life can be brought to the majesty, grandeur, purity].

Therefore here, we mention “license of poetic” of the freedom of meaning, independence of pulpit, local wisdom of the poet, then the time may also be the spiritual arena that needs discourses as well. If we follow the insights of Bung Karno in “Di bawah bendera Revolusi (Under the flag of revolution)” (1960), then in the capacity of fighters, we can expect the existence of three kinds of internalized ideas that must be integrated perfectly, i.e; nationalism-Geest (ideas and nationalist delusion), nationale-will (the national willing and determination) and nationale daad (national acts), which we describe in our present’s lingua franca; angkah lan langkah sing tuwuh saka anggit (determination arising from the step to a dynamics) and sing dhemen tumemea (affection on great ideas that can be understood its meaning), would undoubtedly bring the realization of the authenticity of meaning, the granted of aspirations and lofty ideals.

So Nurel Javissyarqi or (long time ago) he had the leader of the Komunitas Sastrawan Tugu Indonesia, Yogyakarta, 5 years ago in the name Nurla Gautama (the name gave by the short story writer, Joni Ariadinata) can bequeath the inner dignity through his books that “awesome” around the unique ideas; at last, hopefully the ideas of Islamist nationalism which we expect today would be performed, “Let’s move on, they are from Ainul yakin to the perfect Hakkul yakin. Come on, display the banner of independence of independently heart with top spirited. Come on, we win a noble ideals of the civilization of Islam throughout the Ages.

Obsession and fa’al interest of fighting is the right for every person who wanted to capture these aspects, suppose Iqbal, Gibran, Nietzsche and others. But the literary creativities certainly could greet the people and carried on the dimensions that wished to be also implemented through his ballads as prose of lyric and poetry which is typically owned by Nurel, as in the “Kajian Budaya Semi,“ which we performed. (Get the ideas of nationalism set off from local to national, to reach the international), and it would become the foundation of hope as the thirsty young generation today, on to glow of the Islamic words that its dynamics can be flown by the wings of the softest hearts.

May be, a lot of tit for tat, says reply, the wings of inner and devotion touched the realm of this baked. If we walked across the fields and there are spring, clear lake, then we are blessed and be happy, that mouthful of water will cure the thirsty, after we recite the song of loneliness of the wanderer that much longer be thinking would be much longing, tenderness, sorrow. Undoubtedly, young people such as this Nurel are an example, where the Word of Nature found the end, where the greeting answered the mystery of life, because each step of site could be observed by the observer.

Do we have captured, anything interpreted on the words and interpretation on breadth of hand of the history, but we still need more words that reverberates loudly again, either in the middle of the soot of Ratri, either in early the morning, where you all are best friends in this journey. And the end, peace, wassalam.

Nagan Lor 21, Yogyakarta. Monday, May 23, 2005.
The paper of books interpretation of KBS (Kajian Budaya Semi ) at UIN Yogyakarta May 26, 2005, in collaboration with theater ESKA.


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