The Intrigue of the Poet and His Work

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(It is just the result of my feeling; I wish I am a poet. And, if the term of the feeling is right, then it is the beginning of science).

The “Book of the Angels” is actually not “poetry.”

Written by Nurel Javissyarqi*
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

What are you dreamed of in height of literary? (Goethe).

Poetry is dead periods. It is stopped on the stiffness of itself that had been hidden by flexibility. It could not move too far, when the “words” had been represented its existence. Hence the creation of poetry is a kind of training suicide so many times.

Who died there? It’s creator, humiliated by its honesty. Though it’s wrapped in secrecy, there remains a desire to be known, to be understood. Maybe it’s another side of the wild behavior of poetry before it dies, before it buried in coffin of the words.

I do not want to judge. This is the reality of limited beauty on the earth; a spring had eliminated through the fallen of foliage by the season change. The sun had been we enjoyed, creates a utopian, which its wishes keeps increase from instinct’s motion, from the depths of soul purpose.

But, who could reap the beauty of sky? Who could grasp basic elegance of imaginations, to perform it on to advance of consciousness? Moreover, it’s all through common and general reason of the poetry? Only specific people and becomes corpse flower (Amorphophallus titanium), if construction surrounded the technique is not hypnotizing, if inspiration is really seemed genuine or pure.

And the beauty, like or not, must be willing to be severed in the middle of the way. If you do not want to be missed without tragedy. There are the times to be crazy about to see orderly, the days of soul intercourse into a particular ideology. Which has sides of slitting, if we expected to be better, steadily decreasing from increasing desire. Because, the consciousness in poetry is very limited, it’s impossible through in passing view.

Poetry resembles the birth of myth, for the appearance of schools of philosophy. And psychiatric of inventors supply the schools of psychology. Here, the poetry certainly different understanding from the scriptures that brought the angel Gabriel to the prophet from The Beloved. But some people call a kind of revelation, whereas it can also be of some previous dreams, which have not reached the end of confidence.

Or the poetry was bear from the sidelines of memories of the past and those days meet the final. If the pen is ready, the lines on the paper have the energy of reflection. What we had seen sometimes scattered without a clear harmony. This has same understanding that we do not understand the situation in ourselves, at about the fate that keeps sailing the boat of age of the becoming.

The top beauty is where the universality of the world admits. They stunned the beauty of the shoots of Himalaya, the good looks of Borobudur, or the coolness of the valley of flowers. Those beauties entered in the shadow of memory or are recorded. Then the words of telling become the formula (theory), as the logic rather than face such beauties.

So horrified is the sense of astonishment, even war and natural disasters. It leaves particular memory in ourselves as the stand point to assess the style of life, from the vibration sense that had already inside us. Therefore, the poets take care of their feelings, in order to be arrived at the peak vibration of the beauty.

There are poets who collect the debris of the name of object. Some are describing a row of old events, or reaching of imagination to the future. And also the sounds of nature, waves, screaming, crying, sound of insects. The unity was collected, and then recorded in the memory. The human being considers the voices with the feeling, the words with the feeling, calculation with the feeling. Before the logic offered it self to be the main bridge of a masterpiece.

The assessment is the fate that keeps following the times, along with its bustle. Also the atmosphere of emptiness is one of the ways to another assessment. A set of met manifests another by the particular view, which permeates nad trembling into the souls of witness.

The poetry, often escapes from the capture if we handled it without the similarities. Acceptance, approval, even rejection, can give an answer. Obviously, it’s all by the accuracy of times that written by the predestined, it’s like the phrase “Man suppose, God disposes.” So it went on the accumulation of words.

It departed from the deposition of times that are not measurable on the occurrence. Although other things were really support, as such longing, jealousy or love and peace in the depths of heart. There was a time that the strong willing is stopped by fatigue that was not the time to come. By the blocking of periods that does not support its presence as the work. And sincerity gave birth again, similar the ocean waves to the beach. Acceptance of the reefs on foam sponge which floats the times and sinks the testimony, is also seemed to recede and the shrinkage is the natural body assessment; it’s about time to get rest.

The poetry is the combination of words that are very different than if you view it the side of ideas derived from. If it is considered through a period of its implementation. There is a long memory, the past dream taken at the right time, similar expectations conveyed. The longing is answered by the birth without surgery, or the longing met the reality of the horizon. Blue sky, the cloud swept away, the streets impassable, it’s all really tread.

As for the working of poetry that has long process, because its review was strict. Although it can not be judged, definitely the long process doesn’t mean that the work is good, or vice versa. Because of serious working, is not really would be accepted with sincerity and seriousness. Sometimes a fad in the eyes of another soul, even cause the real destiny. This is one of the main problems, which always intrigues to the soul.

All associations are doubt and indeed, the loyalty of perpetrators had answered. Caring for ideals, since the child until the sleep is not good, unsuspected that sleepy become so heavy. Tranquility is maintained, the excess of carefulness, dietary digests the consideration, it’s all can provide solutions, then wouldn’t falling if there are uncomfortable moments. Sitting alone or mysterious of togetherness. And familiarity pressed forward, brings the time of vague into clarity. Then sign would soon be revealed, by the seriously serious of working into the spirit.

Ben Okri once said: “The world in which the poet’s life is not necessarily poetically for always. In his hands, this world is really challenging. Only with the spirit of creation and researching, the harsh world incarnates to be the new song and a new metaphor.” That will produce what is being said by Paul Eluerd;” A poet is a person who can inspire a lot more than people who inspired him.”

And then, deservedly, he rightly often sounds gratitude, breathes throbbing of the universe, the memory and the past too, in the grip of His power. The mind can be patented the product, but it’s the heart that determines it will be lasting or off the target. Thus, a poet is demanded to love things that are not nice, if he expects on acquisition that is beyond. Because, the useful things are not merely around him.

Apparently, that had not thought, tomorrow it will request to be contemplated and more. This calls the streets of certainty that is not crossed in the minds. A field developed by the heart-mind of the creator of situation in his mental state. More than that, Oktavio Paz said: “The effect is also a creation, it is not imitation, but grafting produces a new plant, more robust and diverse than the original parent.”

But that does not mean I advocate closing the eyes, in determining the paths will be up or stuck on the plain of inability. Passing through the second path could feel, closed the eyes, and looked at the reality with the seriousness of working. With both of them, night and day, dusk and dawn are always expanding in the soul. We treated the stability of conditions, the moments of the arrival of recovery. No more or healthy lulled other elements.

Tao Teh Ching once said: “Because no individual will, so he could perfect his personality.” But that does not mean that he would be feared to be trapped by selfhood, and then tossed the sentence of poetry like he drew an arrow without a target. The condition resulted Arjuna to go into the battle. From the collection of the mandatory, rather than waiting to be interpreted as a situation.

After reading journey, it had been known how to get here or not, we know the answer. That is the balance of view which always keeps ourselves, so as not in madness or construction that is bothering soft understanding of the poetry. Hence, takes good care of stabile affection, is not complicated, if we trains the needs and our own existence. The trouble was felt, if we entered the seduction on the streets of flax, or too clumsy looking at one eye. But, of course, be aware, right and left is not the real path, but it’s the periphery that could make slippery for us to fall into the abyss.

When we fallen, it is difficult to begin again. So take good cares of the loyalty, in order to meet the balance without excessive jealousy. And trust or any change, upon His grip, appraisals keep spinning on His axis. He grapples human memory, thief of the property of forgetfulness, on the limitedness of understanding to guess, in studying the life.

The gratitude delivers to the reader, for the beloved misses the findings. Also the right of understanding is on to the reader. Coherent or not of the sentence on construction of covering, it is the existence that is imitation, or even too much serious. It’s still, the winner of the games, are comprehension of reading the walls of words from the appearance of the poetry.

Moreover, the composition of the inserted symbol needs to be explored further, used a different theory with good understanding. It’s not far from the polarization that built by the writer, or the reader needs to invite the reason of the author, in order to compare the extent of the framework that is built upon the reality of history.

I do not explain much the meaning contained in the sentence. Within, the comprehension can be wilder, obtained not merely a fragment of understanding. What performed are not the signs. It’s from the reader the rules began, while the offered is just a reflection of other possibilities. If there are similarities emerged, certainly its anxiety similar pervading the existence of life. Being a quiet pedestrian rather than reading the sentence, but understood it without a voice. The entered into the ear of inner, is guessable other substances, such as going to seduce his own inner song.

The space talked to me and the time provided the breaths of words in each hospitalization. I do not want to say hello at length. We could do it anywhere harmoniously, if reached the acceptance as a vibration of feeling. And missed to the meeting of that signal, is the coherent comprehension in bud of faithful, the cupola of eternity or the universal values of the souls. Hopefully, anything presented can penetrate the understanding, though it’s not in a loop of table. Although levels of smell are different, even preference of tongue is not same. But still there is a faith. The sameness is absolutely exist, such as believes on to more glorious future.

When understanding, it’s known as blank sides that must immediately be filled. The thick sheets of experience, is not merely from reading, the past memories of mind, struggles to take the meaning of life increases. The view must not only be studied, before it got to the point. Or supposed cluster of understanding will be up to him, the construction is wholly owned by the reader.

In the other word, this is merely discussion. Because of each of us had, although other people seemed to understand more. The intelligence of the creator does not mean understand psychology of the reader as a whole, but merely an introduction that there are the sides of the similarities that must be sharpened. Or it’s avoided for more fabulous processing with independent personality, as forms of solid poetry.

The poet’s area is the words, as we watched at the color of the world. Without bringing a series of experiences, as if the read is futile. Thus, the connection of experiences of others is an establishment of meeting to the final. Although the point of view is different, even though spring and its flow aims to different place. All we have is ours, despite having written by them. But we will not have anything, if doesn’t get the friction from the others. Because of doubt, anxiety, and beliefs, is a phase that must meet the essential clarity.

The bright light will not be found, if you just read yourself. How intelligent the person is, he still relies to another. Also his devoted to contemplate the meaning of life, it’s still need the wind of greeting, which came as a means of dialogue, which later led to a blessing. Or adding value in the form of expectations of independence, uphold the dignity of humanity.

Age of a work is a mercy of understanding; its health becomes melody and passion. While the rhyme of its rise and fall follows the fate’s motion of the spirit of meeting. So, it’s worth that the poetry is the time fraction has ever accomplished. It can also be derived from the fractional problem, which presents the benefit of life in the appreciation.

What had have explained above is not all about the poetry and the poet. I use a various specs, so I can fit into all the other scientific. Hence, receive its lively as a spice, so anything served in mind, its viscosity would be more understood. Because of the result of the game is not how often to compete. But how many pretty score is, although it’s very simple, or even it’s so primitive ones. So its arrival, swept to how far the curve of the phenomenon, to be more aroused than just discourse.

It’s also necessary to solve embankments of reality, for the sake of finding new reality, because the vision is not necessarily up to. The essence is on substance of feeling that is felt, like finding the bitter or the sweet. Camus was writing, that: “The much greater of the artist to rebel against the reality of the world, the much greater the quality of reality to offset the rebellion. But the quality was never to stifle the solitary needs of an artist.”

The one always hungry at the eyes of time, will not satisfied on great predicate, his soul would be demanded to suspect to lower grade that attracted on compassion. So the agreement is dealt, could accept all things with the unity of purpose. As the reader, to gain more knowledge, also self introspection, for the incoming and outgoing, will be always in the frame of possibilities. Which is the means of the scales of life, because of the hectic of buyers in the marketplace of culture, rather than the literature at the path of other scholarly.

The poetry, in its standard forms, has been controlled the world through for centuries, until we seemed be afraid to come out of its nest, although we had been declared a lot of new techniques, new strategies. But the fear is not considered, especially the poetry, is still present in the minds of the poets. This is indeed malignant slavery, more embarrassing. How far a poet ran away from himself is, the shadows are still he carrying. It’s really funny; moreover it all occurs at the point of culmination of the civilization today. Yet the shadow should have been invisible.

I interpreted these identities, in order to know how far the anatomy of poetry from the body of the poet is. Furthermore Albert Camus, assured: “If art was insisted to be a luxury, it also would be a lie.” The luxury is not far from the order; modernity, primitive, post-modern, motif of carvings, batik, sculpture and etc. Supposedly, the masterpiece inspired by the words, is farther out of the source. If you do not want to fall in a circle, which is called “named”.

But, could the trains run on the outside of its rails? On the other hand, the tragedy is necessary, the sacrifice is required, and there are natural disasters. It’s called a train coming out of the rails. This genesis is like a baker’s departure. Who dares to innovate his product without any fear if his product will not be called a cake. This brought the work of a rival; it does not just follow the history.

So the preparations is absolutely necessary, must have square off, gantry should be held before put poultice on the foot of the horse. And the courage to create, from the flashing lights of inspiration will be felt more, not merely the depth of the language. We have often and long deceived by new forms, which is obviously it useless. This whole article is probably one of the main answers, that the “Book of Angels” is actually not “poetry.” Because some say that it is poetry, then it is as an answer in the present. Whereas at there, there have been a tragedy of the death of a “poetry.”

Once again, “suicide is necessary,” if you want to know how far the courage assessed dilapidated, or not useful in public after the death. At that time, there was no defense at all, if not the quality of the work that is independent without reward. Doesn’t virginity of the soul is more sought? And, don’t the works that pleasant, easy to be understood, is no longer invite “curiosity”?

The literary work allows exploring the secrecy of personality, for them to keep looking, pure depth of the springs of life. Therefore, our views of subject are always present, if existed anywhere. “Can you love me, but my influence will be undeniable,” that’s the parable of Nietzsche’s attitude. The consciousness is a kind of children playing. Do parents believe? He found so many findings? When young people are working, would the parents be sure that he is going to be success one hundred percent, that he would be a huge success? When people fail to work, do they believe, that he was more successful than observers that was just for a moment?

Fruit of victory did not escape from the hard-earned confidence and sincerity to work, although they argued its space-time. Scorn is enough to be the motor which presented as if suddenly. But it would not so to the man educates himself by repeatedly doubt, will he find a necessity? Entire unanimity between doubt and reality. His condition is united, in integrity of himself as a education-maturity.

When the reason and feeling increased, it creates the formula of the balance of soul. So denial, the repeating talk about the past and the doubts are eliminated of its sound. Against it all, the exploration of the existence became flashes of consciousness. Who slaps each face, flog cow cocky for harrowing fields, to fertile the soil with the steps. This is the path called the comfort of the soul.

In the prologue of Goethe’s “Faust”, there is sentence like this: “Steadfast heart becomes seen so far, and what had lost is seem real to me.” If we interpret the sentence above, as if it doesn’t meet in the same field aims to the agreement of met. However, if we researched into the core of the problem. Anything served is, “Steadfast heart becomes seen so far.” It’s not the despair that would be stopped the step. But the effort is as far as possible in order to approach the reality of working to get the findings, which is initially no benefit except tired. This is such as visiting of he lover to the beloved. And what had been told in the middle of the way is a valuable acquisition, for a different time and place.

When, “what had lost is seem real to me,” is the grains of diamond, gold mine of memories which are present in the standard form to be fossilized, to be stupa. Because of no matter how the beginning of the experience of doubt is, at the end, certainly it is certitude. The meeting of benefits at the right moments, on the saving of past memory, is the past reading or the past researching.

And then the achievements of Plato came in the book entitled “Republic”, “Hold the truth as a whole, and in the right way, then you will have no difficulty to understand any speech before, and everything would be no longer seem strange to you.”

From here, we ate a meal that is not desired by the quality of each hull. But how to share with others is, to taste it together, despite different levels of its absorbing, at least sugar stays sweet. To get to this stage, we should be aware of Machiavelli’s words, that: “The ability of human being is controlled in two ways, first the ability to choose a location to build the city, the second is the ability to organize the law.”

If the body is the country, the ability to choose a location to build the city, is the ability to investigate the things we could pick it up. So what has shown is not a result of stuttering, but has been buried long ago in familiarity of working. If appeared in a work, the conveyed flash is not just portraits, but description of professional photographer, who touched the sharpness of detail. It’s all under control of the ability to organize the law.

The law in here is the rules within which dealt as standard theory to a work. So, responsibility exists, and it needs for heavy training, until its results passed the strictly requirements. It is not merely as he likes, hence the consideration of aesthetic, ethical, the tone of voice, and the breath of word, style or appearance of the face. As well as what has been craved became the truth appeared with mature and perfect consideration. No presses other sides or did assassination to a small idea, although it seems and looks alike necessary.

What is conveyed the above, such as dance of dramatics of thought about the title, but it’s not the same as dice games conducted by Kurawa and Puntadewa. Which is for the right of state property (in here it is ideas), and for the sake of beauty of Dewi Drupadi. Towards the conquest of the kingdom Amarta, entered into the Astina. However, “when love and reasoning are embraced each other, it will create a new world,” Iqbal.

These are expected, didn’t from temporal emotional of ego, but the feelings that rides on the consciousness, into the space is built. The findings of a new world, is not based on aggression, the integration by the threat. But it’s the consciousness to develop the common good. Not elevate identity of the literary by ruled out the others.

At its peak, the meaning is resulted from the reflection of humanism. Which keeps chaining for the sake of more clear understanding, it’s not the water bubble burst when touched. Assumes that the best work is the eyes the sea eagle, which is able to figure out the movement of fish from a considerable distance. The fruit of intuition is the power of suggestion that had been trained.

Or, the motion of creation derived from a collection of vibration, which connects the signal to the cable while trying to create from the few of past possibilities. As the tremendous expert to catch the ball, after observing where the point targets are. Such as an expression of Nietzsche, “The feeling at first did not have a clearly defined object. The object was formed recently. The atmosphere of particular musical mood precedes, and poetic ideas come afterwards.”

Perhaps, it’s the instinct of goalkeeper of the era. Certainly he does not want to be missed, be negligent to record as he could, when there is a sense of met. Therefore, repetition is not something useless, if we have the pressure of crossing point in question. Not just an arm or a chain of unused idle ship by obsolescence.

Thus, be the players who did not get enough to practice; though don’t know yet when to compete. Has the game started? This is in order to maintain the power of passion. Not everything comes from the outside movement, but dismantled the unity of self existence to be the translated momentum. Be the perpetrators are not limited by the periods, the age and also the fields of study.

Consider what Sartre said, at the prologue of Franth Fanon’s book: “As he waited for a real victory, or even did not expect at all, he’s exhausting his enemies until they are fed up to him.” The feeling of disgusted is another face of boring, despair, cowardice, also things that indicates the mental weakness. These are not produced from pure passion to fix the self quality.

But the appearance is nice solely for the effect on the podium, stock of the works for practically classy. It will indeed off one by one, it does not feel to be stripped, hypnotized by tap of the sign. While playing freely is such as the child who forgot that the sun stung his back, while his kite fell down (suffered the gravity), and stroke by the wind of conscience. The boy was full of charm, without leaving the naughty mind.——

March 13, 2006, Monday Wage. *) Wanderer from the village of Kendal-Kemlagi, Karanggeneng, Lamongan, East Java.


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